Welcome to GAP Studio!

Hello there, my name is Frank Barrett and I would like to personally welcome you to GAP Studio – my tech and gadget website. I’m a self-prescribed tech addict and proud of it! I love anything technology-related… and I do mean anything. From watches to virtual reality systems to robotics, it all holds a special place in my heart, and I love reading and learning about it and then sharing what I learn with others.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you! More specifically, let’s talk about how GAP Studio can add value to your life. You want to know what this site is all about, right? Well, hopefully I can adequately sum it up for you below.

What You Can Expect From This Website

The latest news on innovations all over the tech and gadget world.

If it’s important to the tech and gadget world, then I plan to have it covered on GAP Studio website. My goal is to bring you the latest on all of the cool and interesting tech tools as they’re released to the public. I have a wealth of reliable and valuable sources to gather information from and make it available on this site in one central location.

Only 100% verified information (and no speculation)

There’s nothing worse than hearing a rumor and getting super-excited about it, only to find out that it’s not actually true and that the device that you thought was going to be so awesome turns out not to be quite as cool as you thought it was going to be. I’ll never share rumors with you. I’ll save that for the tech world’s equivalent of the tabloids. I’m more interested in bringing you the truth – meaning verified information about the latest and greatest devices and gadgets.

Highlighted features of the coolest devices

I aim to highlight not only all of the coolest devices, but also get into all of the features and details that make that device so awesome. For example, the iPhone 5s as a whole is an amazing product. But what is it that makes it so awesome? It’s a combination of the A7 chip, Touch ID, M7 processor, and iOS 7. And I would highlight each of these components and show you exactly why they’re so incredible.

Honest coverage of the newest tech devices and gadgets

There are no paid promotions on this site. I’m here to bring you the honest truth. And I aim to give you a completely unbiased opinion on the latest technology hitting the market. I believe in making informed decisions, and it’s difficult to do that properly when you’re being misinformed. That’s why you’ll get nothing but the truth from this site.

I hope what you’ve read above has persuaded you to continue reading my website. While I’m just getting it started, I’m excited to see the direction it’s headed in, and I’m even more excited about the possible impact it will have on my readers.

Life is all about fun, and so is technology. What’s better than advancing our world in ways that have never before been possible and having an awesome time while doing it? To me, that’s what life is all about.

I look forward to seeing you in the comments!