Keep an Eye on Online Activities with Cell Phone Monitoring Software

kids cell phone monitoringThere is so much happening on the internet and let’s look at one big giant i.e. YouTube and its strong jaws on the World Wide Web. The website is the second most popular site online and it is where everybody finds out the camera/phone rolling footage from everyday life to extraordinary things and everything in between. I can’t remember how many times somebody has asked me to give them a YouTube video link or how many times I have looked up a YouTube video for a tutorial online.

Our tweens and teens are living their life essentially online and truly many people don’t like the idea of a phone call these days, but a text or a Facebook statue is considered better. It is because at one time, kids can be talking to five or more different people at a time and they don’t like to be interrupted. The internet is important and they are addicted to their online activities as everybody is online and they don’t know what else to do with themselves other than that.

So can we let this overuse of the internet take place in our homes and on our personally owned smartphones like Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone and have no idea of pretty much anything our children do online? Even as one child mentioned that if she was her parents, she would have cried half of the times watching what kids do today online from all the videos they are uploading, their sometimes filthy comments and rivalry/jealousy.

Most parents are completely unaware of all the internet relationships kids are forming online, all this can be changed with a cell phone monitoring software like FlexiSPY that records many mobile phone activities.

youtubeAnother reason why YouTube is so big online, is the fact that there were around 35 hours of video being uploaded on the website every minute in 2010. In 2012 this increased to 72 hours of video uploads and in 60 days there were more videos produced than that could be produced by three major US television networks (2010). It is clear the quality with as many as 700 billion video playbacks in 2010 on the website (which would have tripled by 2012), the quality of videos can’t be of any specific high quality/standard.

Even if someone didn’t mean to find an inappropriate video online, since there are many related video links on the website by which one can easily land oneself in the devil’s hands. As in 2012, website users were watching 4 billion hours of video on the site and this number is continuously growing to only explode in the coming years.

Fortunately for parents they can tell what is best for their kids with FlexiSPY that will track kids’ mobile phone with GPS details and also log all call info, contacts, websites visited, emails sent, apps installed and much more on its many tracking features.

The cell phone monitoring app works silently on major mobile operating systems and it is a very simple to use tool to all internet worries by parents and even employers as well. Users will be able to view photos/videos taken, chats, IMs, Gmail, YouTube tracking and with the spy software, parents will be able to remotely send commands on the mobile phone in case there is a need to play a siren in case of theft, lock/unlock the device or get instant GPS locations whenever a need arises.